External economic ties. International tourismWhat is meant by “international relations”?

What kind of international relations is the most common?

What are the key directions of foreign economic cooperation Ukraine is involved?

External economic ties. International (geographical) division of labor led to the necessity of participating countries in international economic relations, which consists in the exchange of material and spiritual values. Today no one, even the most developed country unable to manufacture the entire range of products and services necessary for effective management.

Those countries that largely depend on global economic relations, are called open economies. The degree of openness is determined by the export quota – the share of exports in GDP of the country. For example, in Singapore, the export quota is 70%, in Belgium – 60%, and in the U.S. – 10%.

Basic forms of international economic relations is international trade, providing international services, financial and credit relations, scientific and technical cooperation, international industrial cooperation, international tourism.

London is the financial capital of the world

World trade. World (international) trade is one of the oldest forms of international relations. Trade accounts for 80% of the total international economic relations. World trade is trade, involving the movement of raw materials, goods and services across national borders. It can be interpreted as relations for the purpose of export (Export) and importation (import) of raw materials, goods and services.