21ST INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR FOR TOURISMHere is where the experts — leading tour operators, travel agencies, national tourism offices and administrations of the Russian regions. OTDYKH LEISURE — is the leading international autumn trade fair for tourism in Russia and CIS countries. In 2015 the exhibition will be held in 21-th time.

Tourism — the most important direction in the modern world economy. The development of this industry, considerable funds are allocated. Every year increasing tourist flow in all directions. The desire to see the world rightly: at the time of travel is expanding my horizons, meeting new cultures, traditions and customs. Travel agencies offer a wide range of programs. Do not stand still and innovation technologies in the sphere of recreation and tourism.

For agencies it is important not only for the introduction of advanced innovations, but also the ability to manage them. Innovations in the field of tourism to help develop the industry as a whole.

The exhibition provides a unique opportunity — everyone can find tourism news. to study in detail all the proposals of the leading tour companies and also to visit the capital and see all the sights of Moscow. Experienced staff will advise on all matters of interest. And CEOs will be able to find ideas for holding corporate events.

To the field of recreation and tourism developed successfully, it is crucial the interaction of multiple structures. In the tourism industry it is especially vivid. To organize a truly high-quality rest and the necessary efforts of local authorities, various companies, owners of hotels, etc. At the exhibition you can get acquainted with the innovations that will lead to a qualitative development of the industry. And offers completely new directions.

The main problem is that the vast majority of companies are afraid to be pioneers. Many people prefer to work for a well-run scheme. While innovations can greatly facilitate the work. Automation of certain actions can significantly increase the flow of customers. Very popular in recent years is online service. Without leaving home you can book a room in hotel or plane tickets.

Recreation and tourism — a very promising field and in many developing countries. Participation in international exhibitions provides an excellent opportunity to advertise and represent their tourist products and to sign important contracts.

International tourism

Today in various countries is the development of different alternative tourism types: ecological, romantic, educational, medical and recreational. corporate. Tourism — the temporary movement of people from their homes to other locations, both in state and abroad. A temporary move can be called a period of up to 1 year. Currently outstanding domestic and international tourism. It is worth noting that international tourism — is not only a popular form of recreation, but also a rapidly growing sector of the global economy. In the last thirty years the number of tourists in the world has quadrupled, and the revenue that tourism brings in certain countries has increased more than twenty-five times. The state of the global tourism industry in General is stable.

International tourism — is an important component of innovative development of any state in the long term. The industry is economically profitable and is a source of foreign exchange earnings, as well as a means for employment. International tourism contributes to the creation of industries serving the tourism sector. He is extremely uneven, due to different levels of economic development of countries. Tourism cannot be the product of the first necessity, therefore, refers rather to the vital needs of a person at a certain level of income and wealth of society. The most developed international tourism in Western European countries.

It should be noted that tourism today is a very complex system. Its degree of development depends on the degree of development of the state economy as a whole. In the next decade the tourist markets of the most developed countries will grow steadily, by increasing the availability of tourism to other sectors of society. For the rapidly developing tourist markets are characterized by a dynamic growth and with this increase in budget revenues in the next couple of years. One of the most important factors in the development of world tourism — increased competition on the tourist market thanks to the emergence of more countries with plans that are designed to attract tourists and a glut on the market of similar tourist offers.

At our exhibition you can find best deals from leading travel companies and choose the most suitable offers.