Provide transport services can be performed on a regular and irregular basis.Under regular transportation of passengers means transportation between the territories of the Contracting parties or transit through their territories carried out periodically, according to set in advance the route, schedule and subject to the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers at specific predetermined points.

In accordance with bilateral agreements in the field of road transport regular transport of passengers by buses are organized in coordination between competent authorities of Contracting parties on the basis of granted them permission to travel by the road which passes through their territory. When you open a regular line Contracting parties, as a rule, follow the principle of parity of participation of carriers in both countries. For the passage of buses of regular lines on the territory of transit countries also requires authorization from the competent authority of that transit country.

In case of regular transportation of passengers from the bus driver must be a certified copy of the permission to open the specified regular lines, which is issued for a specific period of time.

Under occasional transport of passengers refers to all other types of passengers, not falling under the term “regular service”, i.e. single carriage in which the conditions for its exercise are determined in each case by agreement between the customer and the carrier. The landing and disembarkation of passengers on the whole route is prohibited.

In accordance with the provisions of the existing bilateral intergovernmental Agreements on international road transport, in most cases, to perform such transport between countries or in transit through their territory is necessary to permit the execution of such transportation on the territory of another country. Permission for non-scheduled transportation of passengers is normally incidental.

According to the Association of international road carriers (ASMAP), in 2002-2007, the Russian side made the exchange and has permissions to implementation of irregular bus transportation for travel in the following countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Latvia, Lithuania, Mongolia, Norway, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Finland, Czechia, Switzerland, Estonia, and permissions to implementation of irregular passenger transportations through the territory of Lithuania and permissions to implementation of irregular passenger transportations by transit through the territory of Ukraine.

As for other countries, in connection with absence of demands among Russian and foreign carriers in the permits for these types of shipments, the exchange of contingent permissions were not carried out.

At the same time, in intergovernmental agreements in certain cases, when executing irregular passenger transportation permit is not required. Generally, permits are not required for implementation of irregular transportations of passengers by buses in cases where the group of passengers the same composition are carried on the same bus throughout the trip:

– if this trip begins and ends in the territory of the country where the registered bus;

– if the trip starts on the territory of the country where the bus is registered and ends on the territory of another country, provided that the bus leaves that territory empty.