The concept of "international tourism". Travel servicesOperations on international tourism represent an activity aimed at providing various kinds of tourist services and the goods of tourist demand to facilitate meeting a wide range of cultural and spiritual needs of foreign tourists.

International tourism involves persons who travel abroad and engage in no gainful employment.

Tourism was seen as a journey. The term “tourism” in French means a walk, drive. However, with the development of economy, when the demand for travel has increased dramatically, there is a service providers for such travel, tourism becomes a commodity. As the tourism product is realized in the form of services (tangible and intangible).

The emergence of tourism as a commodity demanded for the development of appropriate material and technical base, availability of qualified personnel for servicing tourists, targeted and quality management of tourism business entities.

In modern conditions, tourism is one of the most developed sectors of the world economy, forms of foreign economic activity.

So, if in 1950 the number of tourists in the world amounted to 25 million and the turnover of the tourism industry – $ 2.1 billion. in 1995, according to the world tourism organization, these indicators have exceeded 400 million and 372, 6 billion. USA.

To the beginning 90-h years the share of tourism has already reached more than 10% of world trade in goods and services, which allowed him to take third place after oil and car, and by 2005 tourism should come out on top.

The tourist business attracts entrepreneurs for many reasons, in part, that:

– Small initial investment;

– Growing demand for tourist services;

– High level of profitability and minimum cost.

In some foreign countries tourism is one of the priority sectors, contribution to gross national income is 15-35%. These include Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, etc.